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Photodynamic Therapy

What is a photodynamic therapy? It is therapy which uses a machine to emit blue light and destroy the bacteria which causes the acne.

Martin Moore APN with the Nevada Center for dermatology says he describes the treatment to his patients this way, “Narrow band of visible light, the blue light. The light is penetrating the skin into the sabaceous cysts and is essentially killing the bacteria that is one of the components of acne.”

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Acuzine consists of Proprietary blend of ingredients designed to control acne and other skin problems from the inside-out. It’s easy to use, very effective, and gets results fairly quickly. Acuzine takes a complete approach to acne that makes sense.

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Acne and diet

It is widely accepted that one’s diet is directly related to acne.

Sonny Dhinjan reports that westerners eat too much acidic food and do not drink enough alkaline food and drinks.

This site has a chart on which foods are alkalizing and which are acidifying.