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Can chocolate cause acne

There is still some debate going on as to whether diet is linked to acne. Chocolate has always been regarded as one of the worst offenders.

The Times Online says that studies done thus far are still inconclusive.

“The only real conclusion, according to one authority, is that theres no compelling evidence on which to base advice.


Antibiotics followed by gel

People given antibiotics by their doctors to treat acne, often find it come straight back again when they stop taking the pills.

Recent treatments include using a gel which contains retinods derived from vitamin and applied directly to the skin.

“For many dermatologists, the concept that topical retinoids alone may be effective in the maintenance phase of therapy for inflammatory acne may represent a substantial departure from their traditional thinking about the role of this class of medications,” Zane from the University of California, San Francisco adds.

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40 and still get acne

Q I AM 40 and I still have awful acne.

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Acne linked to bread

Is it possible that eating too much bread can cause acne? US dermatologists seem to think so:

“US dermatologists have conducted several researches that confirm that refined sugar, along with wheat and other grains, can raise insulin levels. Studies done previously may show that too much insulin can lead to acne also those new low-carbohydrate diets those are so popular right now. It is possible that they can lead to reduced acne breakouts for some.”


New treatment to deal with the homonal cause of acne

A new treatment attempts to attack the hormonal effect which causes acne.

“Most consumers generally have no idea that the actual cause of acne begins with hormonal activity, not bacteria or clogged pores, Khadavi states, “That is why women breakout during menstrual cycles, teens breakout during puberty and why periods of stress, such as the prom, weddings or big meetings, are often accompanied with embarrassing blemishes.”

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Acne causes and treatments

A good article with contributions by Dr Marilyn Suite on the causes, myths and treatments for acne problems.


Seven tips for controlling acne

Maeleeke Lavan has seven tips for controlling acne:

- Try over the counter benzoyl peroxide
- Be patient, allow around 4-6 weeks
- Clean carefully
- Don’t over-exfoliate
- Watch out for oil slicks
- Hair products
- Don’t pick

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