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German company to develop new acne treatment

York Pharma is planning on developing a new acne treatment with funding they received from the German government.

The company, which specialises in dermatology products, will develop sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) as a novel therapeutic treatment for acne.



Chest Acne

Tips for preventing chest acne:

“Wear only cotton tops because it’s a natural breathing fabric.

Wash the acne-affected area morning and night with a cleanser containing a drying agent like cucumber, azulene, or salicylic acid, then apply a zit zapper.”



Acne and stress

Some research has been going on as to whether stress can cause acne breakouts. Scientists studied college students while they were taking exams.

“It is certainly plausible that the correlation observed is in part due to worsened acne itself causing increased stress, instead of the reverse relationship.”

“However, in a high-achieving population such as university students, subjects tended to report becoming less concerned with their appearance during examinations.

“Thus, it is more likely that increasing stress exacerbates acne instead of the reverse relationship.”