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Accutane effects cholestral levels

Recent studies are showing that the popular acne drug accutane has an effect on cholesterol levels. However, they returned to normal once treatment with the drug ceased.

Liver enzyme levels returned to normal within three months after treatment in 92% of the patients who continued to be monitored. Cholesterol levels returned to normal during the same period in 79% of patients, and triglyceride levels returned to normal in 80% of patients.

“This was definitely some good news from this study,” Manos says. “The findings suggest that routine monitoring of white blood cell and hemoglobin levels may not be needed.”



How acne forms

Knowing how acne forms can valuable for learning how to treat it.

Read a full account here by a chemical engineer.


Isotretinoin could cause IBD

Popular acne drug isotretinoin could cause inflammatory bowel disease, IBD a new report shows.