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Can birth control pills be used to control acne

Naweko San-Joyz asks if birth control pills can be used to control acne, and concludes “Even though studies reveal that birth control pills do combat acne, contraceptives are not ideal for all women with acne. For example, most studies only tested the drugs on women with mild to moderate acne. Women who experience moderate to severe acne should explore acne control options beyond birth control pills- such as antibiotics, topical retinoids, tretinoin or systemic treatments- in order to attain clear skin.”


Tyra Banks and $200 acne creams

Tyra Banks paid $200 for an acne cream which she resulted in: “I had pimples on top of pimples. The kind of pimples that feel like there is poison underneath your skin. The kind of pimples that feel alive.”



Acne myths

This article points out the common myths of acne.

- It is not caused by eating chocolate
- It is not the result of poor hygiene
- It is not the cause of stress